Sunday, September 28, 2008

John D. Metzler

John D. Metzler was the son of David Metzler, born in Indiana in July 1898. His father David was a native of Elkhart County, Indiana and was raised in the Mennonite faith but baptized by the Brethren in 1892 and elected to the ministry in 1899 and was in charge of the Nappanee congregation for many years.

John's older brother Burton was also a pastor and part-time farmer and later taught at Bethany Biblical Seminary and McPherson College.

John graduated from Manchester College and did graduate work in Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of Chicago, and Bethany Biblical Seminary. He taught High School from 1920 to 1940 and also did part-time pastoral ministry in Northern Indiana.

He would later spend four years as Material Aid Director for the General Brethren Service Committee at New Windsor, Maryland and in 1947 he became the first Director of CROP.

More on CROP tomorrow.

Source: History of the Brethren Church in Indiana (1952)