Thursday, September 04, 2008

Inglenook Doctor Book - part 1

The Inglenook Doctor Book was complied and published in 1903 by the Brethren Publishing House in a format similar to The Inglenook Cook Book. It contained 916 home remedies.

From the preface of the book:

The idea for the book originated in the fact that, hidden away in the thousands of homes reached by the magazine, there were many remedies for diseases and ailments incident to common humanity. ... What we have endeavored to bring about is the collection and presentation of tried domestic remedies, for ailments of not sufficient gravity to warrant sending for a physician.

The Inglenook fully recognizes the fact that there are insidious and active diseases for which the highest available medical skill should be immediately summoned to attend. But there are also physical troubles in which intelligent action is highly desirable, and never without gratifying results. As a rule, in every family, there are remedies which experience has taught to be of great value. This collection of remedies represents the wisdom born of experience.

There is no guarantee of the effectiveness of these remedies on the part of the Inglenook. It is not even claimed that they are scientific, but they do represent successful experience which in practice is worth more than science.

Tomorrow: Some samples from the book.

Source: Inglenook Doctor Book