Monday, February 25, 2008


From the Theological Writings of Peter Nead, Dayton OH, 1866:

The people of God are a distinct and separate people, from the world - that is, they are of another character and party, engaged in a calling which is opposed to the sinful maxims, customs, and practices of the world; yea, in many things, which not only the unconverted, but lamentable to say, many of the professed disciples of the meek and lowly Jesus, do not discover any impropriety; and thus contend and plead for the unnecessary fashions of this sinful world. [Note: Yes, it is all one sentance.]

Here I would remark that it is a great pity, and is certainly a great injury to the cause of Christ - that there is so little uniformity in sentiment and more so in practice on the subject of self-denial in the brotherhood; oh! that the people of God, were of one mind and judgment.