Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Gospel Visitor

The Gospel Visitor was a church paper first published in 1851 by Henry Kurtz who believed it was important for the whole church to be in touch with one another. In the first issue he gave these reasons for beginning a church paper for the Brethren:

We are asked: What do you want to print, and what is your object? We will try to answer in a few words. We are as a people devoted to the truth, as it is in Christ Jesus. We believe the church as a whole, possesses understandingly the truth, and every item of it. But individual we are all learners, and are progressing with more or less speed in the knowledge of the truth. For this purpose we need each other's assistance. But we live too far apart. If one in his seeking after a more perfect knowledge becomes involved in difficulty, which he is unable to overcome, this paper opens unto him a channel, of stating his difficulty, and we have not the least doubt, but among the many readers there will be someone, who has past the same difficult place, and can give such advise, as will satisfy the other .... This paper will open a channel, to have wrong views corrected, and right views promulgated .... In making our selections, we shall be guided by a sincere love of truth, and publish only what may appear, to us, most generally useful.

Studies in Brethren History, Floyd Mallott