Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amsey Hascall Puterbaugh

Amsey Puterbaugh was born on the homestead near Elkhart, Indiana in December 1851 where he would learn life's early lessons. As a youth he was bright, attentive and persistent. While a teenager he was a constant student of the New Testament which he always carried with him. At the age of 17 he united with the Brethren and was called to ministry a year later.

Throughout his life, he was a strong advocate of education, for he recognized its value to Christian experience. For many years he taught homiletic classes at Manchester College and was a frequent contributor to church periodicals. He served as as editor of "The Pulpit" in the Bible Student and "The Preacher's Page" in the Gospel Messenger.

Brother Puterbaugh's attitude of life is reflected best in his own words: My occupation has been the ministry, but I taught school and engaged in farming to make ends meet and to gain a competency for sickness and old age. He taught school for seventeen years and was urged to become superintendent of public instruction for Kosciusko County but this he declined.

As a student he was ever searching for a clearer vision, a deeper insight, a brighter light, a firmer ground of truth, and at all times a reason for the faith which lieth within. As an educator he taught the lessons of life rather than texts. As a minister he was excelled by few, for he was clear, logical and sincere. As an elder he was kind but firm. As a husband, he attributed much of his success to his wife.

He once remarked, When my armor is to be laid aside I pray it may be in my library among the volumes whose pages have become so dear to me, and contributed so much to my life's work among God's people. His wish was fulfilled when death came on this date, February 28, 1903 in Elkhart, Indiana.

Source: Some Who Led, D.L. Miller and Galen B. Royer