Sunday, November 16, 2008

Priesthood of All Believers

God's Spirit and life calls
all those who are baptized
to be Jesus' disciples.
All who belong to God in Christ
are priests, participating in Jesus' calling
to be God's very life in the world.
This priesthood of all believers
is basic to our understanding of ministry.
Membership in Jesus Christ
is enrollment into the ministry
of the priesthood of all disciples.
Source: Leadership Needs and Ministry Issues,
1985 Annual Conference statement
Everyone who becomes a servant of God has something to contribute to the work of the body of Christ. Every believer is a priest with a ministry. Because we are all equal, decisions are made by the community, not by a hierarchy. Our meetinghouses are simple, without a raised dais to symbolize our equality. People who feel called to a certain ministry seek affirmation from the community to see whether others sense the same calling for him or her. In some cases the church looks for talents in its members and calls them out for service.
Source: Let Our Joys Be Known, Gardner and Shaffer
A Brethren Heritage Curriculum for Adults