Wednesday, November 05, 2008

John H. Moore

J.H. Moore had a strong urge to write. Probably his greatest contribution to the Brethren was his long-time association with Brethren publishing interests. He was editor of Gospel Messenger twenty-five years and author of several books on Brethren history and doctrine. His library and a portion of his files formed the nucleus of the Brethren Historical Library and Archives.

Those who have become truly regenerated,
and are new creatures in Christ Jesus
...should be known by their manner of living,
their dealings with ... one another,
by the evils they shun,
the good deeds they do,
and their well-studied efforts to avoid things
that have even the appearance of evil.
Their character and deportment in life,
in the interest of nonconformity,
ought to be well enough defined
to make them as a separate people.
Sources: The Brethren Encyclopedia
and Let Our Joys Be Known