Friday, November 21, 2008

Adam and Alice Eby

Adam and Alice (King) Eby were two Indiana pioneers in the foreign mission field

Adam Eby was born August 12, 1866 near Wawaka, Indiana, the fifth of 14 children of Cornelius and Susan Eby. He later studied in Mount Morris for two years and was called to the ministry in 1896. He continued his education at Manchester College from 1896 to 1899.

Alice King was born to Daniel and Mary King near Laketon, Indiana on November 11, 1871. She also attended Mount Morris College and then became one of the first students at Manchester College in 1895. She became an assistant to Professor E.S. Young in Bible and also attended the University of Chicago one year, 1899-1900.

While Adam was a student at Manchester, Alice was one of his teachers. They were both interested in missions and were married in September 1900 and sailed for India in October.

While in India, Brother Eby engaged in the varied activities of a pioneer missionary - educational work, evangelism, and medical aid. Sister Eby had charge of a training school and did much evangelistic work. She also wrote commentaries in English for the Sunday School lessons which native scholars translated into Indian languages. They also became the parents of 8 children.

When Adam's health failed in 1931, they returned to the United States and lived in North Manchester where he remained active in preaching and she in teaching. Adam died in 1939 and Alice, with her heart still in India, returned to India in 1945 for two more years of work.

Source: History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana, 1952