Friday, October 03, 2008

Saying of E.B. Hoff

As Bible teacher at Bethany from 1905 to 1928, E.B. Hoff was remembered for making short but pointed comments easily remembered by his students. His son and biographer, Ernest G. Hoff, explained that this was his gift, but a carefully disciplined one, for he often recorded in his notebooks the colorful xpressions as they occurred to him. Following are some of his best remembered sayings:

  • A good cry of penitence yields a good crop of trust.
  • Not many of us are good enough to have enemies.
  • Some sermons are mostly introduction with nothing to follow - big porch and little house.
  • Tithing is one tenth of what we should do.
  • The only church orgnization that Jesus had was one hub and twelve spokes.
  • You can't understand unless you have a place to stand.
  • If a Christian is a farmer, every cow should bawl for the kingdom of God, every sheep should bleat for the kingdom, and every pig should squeal for it.
  • Some people are more sheep-wise or hog-wise than otherwise.
  • Boil down your writing until it makes good thick molasses; at least, if you can't make crystals.
  • If your theology doesn't fit the Bible, you had better change your theology.

Source: The Brethren Encyclopedia

from E.G. Hoff biography of E. B. Hoff