Saturday, October 18, 2008

Andrew Shaver of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Andrew Shaver, Sr. came to Virginia from Bremen, Germany, a short time after the American Revolution. His wife and five sons moved to Kentucky and the "Dutch Settlement" in 1815. Three sons soon moved to Ohio but Andrew, Jr. and Peter chose to remain in the "Dutch Settlement." Out of respect for their father, they were instrumental in renaming the settlement, as it is now known as the Bremen Country.

Andrew Shaver, Jr. was married to Susan Bower in Virginia, and was a very successful farmer in the Bremen country. Andrew's life was cut short due to his pioneer and Christian hospitality.

One evening two strangers coming through the Bremen country stopped at his home and asked for supper and a night's lodging. Their request was granted but they later complained of being ill and their hospitality continued for several days. Their illness proved to be the dreaded smallpox. Andrew nursed them through their seige but contracted the disease itself, which proved fatal. He died at the age of forty-four years. His wife, Susan survived him another thirty years. They were the parents of eight children.

Tomorrow: Peter Shaver, older brother of Andrew

Source: Lest We Forget and Tales of Yester-Years, Vol. III, Rolland F. Flory