Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eva Elizabeth Hoffmann

Eva Elizabeth Hoffmann was a widow and a member of the Brethren congregation in the Marienborn area of Germany in 1711 when she made a decision that change her life.

On August 21. 1711 she made the decision to allow her daughter to be baptized by Alexander Mack. As a result she and her daughter were summoned before an official of the local count. They were ordered to leave the territory immediately.

Alexander Mack, who was also ordered to leave, wrote a letter to the count on behalf of the two women. He pleaded that Hoffmann be given special consideration since she was a poor widow. Hoffmann herself asked to be allowed to remain until her crops and the wool she was spinning could be disposed of for money. In November, however, she was informed that she was "no longer to be tolerated in the territory ... and must take herself elsewhere."

And that's the way it was in Germany, on this date in 1711 - nearly 300 years ago.

Source: Let Our Joys Be Known
Heritage Curriculum by Richard Gardner and Kenneth Shaffer