Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Schwarzenau - A Journal of Dunker History

July 1939 saw the publication of a new Journal called "Schwarzenau". It would continue publication until April 1942, a total of 10 issues. In the lead article of the July 1939 issue, Rufus Bowman, President of Bethany Biblical Seminary, explains the choosing of the name.

This is a sacred name in Brethren history. The different bodies of Brethren people all go back to "Schwarzenau." The backward look is valuable for at Schwarzenau we see the great principles that bind us together. The name wins us because of the spirit of those eight pious souls who met on the banks of the Eder. Schwarzenau was the official birthday of Brethren history. The name has become a symbol for the great first principles upon which our Church was founded: the New Testament as our rule of faith and practice, the ordinances as a means of grace, no exercise of force in religion, religious freedom even at the cost of suffering, the simple spiritual life, peace according to the spirit and teachings of Jesus. ...

Dr. Floyd E. Mallott, head of the Church History department of Bethany Biblical Seminary is a man who believes in the destiny of the Church of the Brethren and loves her traditions. For the last few years, Dr. Mallott with a few of his companions has been dreaming dreams of the creation of a Journal of Dunker History for the preservation of historical data. This issue is the first product of these dreams. One is finding today a tremendous interest in our own church history. Our people have a rich history full of inspiration for youth, but we have been short on preserving it. Consequently, we welcome "Schwarzenau" with its clear cut purpose to print historical data and preserve Brethren history. This journal is an independent project sponsored by the Church History department of Bethany Biblical Seminary. The Seminary is in full accord with the purposes and the creation of this project and I am sure that hose who are interested in Brethren history will lend encouragement to these efforts.