Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Chinese Minister

H.C. Yin first came to the Brethren as a teacher of the Chinese language in 1911 to missionaries and their families. This young man insisted on very high wages for he was making money and learning English so that he could take a trip to the United States and then return to China and get big money as an official for his government.

As he worked among the Brethren and on learning English he began to study an English Testament. Because of his interest and his unusual abilities he was given additional mentoring by Brethren missionaries. Yin had earlier been a member of the Baptist church but because of his desire for money and honor he had given up on his religion.

His conversion to the Brethren resulted in a complete renewal and earnest desires for a humble life. He faced persecution and reduced his salary by one-half, as he began providing leadership to a Brethren boys school at Ping Ting. Many of these boys came to be Christians largely because of Yin's example and teaching.

During a period of missionary furlough,Yin did most of the preaching. After much prayer and consultation with Brethren missionaries, the Chinese church at Ping Ting Hsien called Yin to the ministry in early 1918.

Source: F.H. Crumpacker in The Missionary Visitor, September 1918