Saturday, August 02, 2008

250th Anniversary in Germany

Three communities in Germany are of special interest to the Brethren. The first of these, of course, is the village of Schwarzenau, the place in which the church had its origin. The second is the city of Berleburg, the seat of government for the Wittgenstein district, and the residential city of friendly Count Henry, who extended tolerance and protection in the days of Alexander Mack to religious dissenters, including the Brethren. The third is the city of Kassel which in 1958 was the administrative headquarters of Brethren work in Germany.

The 250th anniversary celebration in Germany centered in these three communities, with the Schwarzenau program on August 6 being of major interest and importance. It was, however, preceded on August 2-5 by the Kassel Conference which was considered the regular conference of Brethren workers in Europe.

Over the next several days we will highlight several addresses from both the Kassel Conference and the Schwarenau program, concluding on August 6 with The Schwarzenau Resolutions. We are fortunate that these were preserved in the book, The Adventurous Future, compiled and edited by Paul H. Bowman, along with other events from the 250th Anniversary in 1958.

Source and excerpts from The Adventurous Future