Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1992 Annual Conference - Richmond VA

The 2008 Annual Conference is meeting in Richmond, VA this week. It has met in Richmond four previous times in the past century: 1952, 1957, 1977, and 1992. Today we highlight the 1992 Annual Conference.

Sixteen years ago was the last time the Brethren gathered in Richmond Va prior to this year. Phyllis Carter was the Moderator and the theme of the Conference was: Forward - Seeking the Mind of Christ. Attendance included 933 delegates and 3,889 registered members.

A major business item in Richmond in 1992 was the approval of an Ethics in Ministry Relations Paper. [This was later revised in 1996 and is again on the agenda for revision in 2008.]

In other business, delegates adopted A CALL TO EVANGELISTIC OUTREACH FOR THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN IN THE 90'S, which outlined five specific goals including 10% congregational increases each year in average worship attendance, christian education, addition of new members. Delegates also accepted emerging church groups in Brazil. A query on the church and the homosexual was respectfully returned as delegates judged that the 1983 Statement and a response to a similar query by the 1985 Standing Committee adequately answered the focus of the query.

Annual Conference completed its business by Saturday morning and devoted Saturday afternoon to a "Jubilee in Song" celebration of the new Hymnal.

Source: 1992 Annual Conference Minutes