Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BVS Witness in Greece

Another Desmond Bittinger story from his days as President of McPherson College.

A young man from Greece came some time ago to a Brethren college. As he came to our door and we greeted each other, we asked him before we sat down, "Son, why did you come all the way from Greece to our college? Why did you pass up the colleges of other nations, and pass by the large, well-known universities and colleges of the East, to come to a little town in the Midwest to a little college like ours?"

His answer was clear and concise. He said: "I met, in Greece, some young men and young women who were digging a tunnel through a Grecian mountain to drain a valley. They were doing this in order that the valley might become fertile and food might be grown to feed my people. They were digging, not because they were paid, but because they loved people. They loved us whom they had not known and whose language they could not speak. I joined these people in digging this tunnel, and after they were gone, I followed them to find whence they came; I wished to find for myself what it was that made them love people that much."

Brethren Volunteer Service workers making a difference in the world, in Greece, and in the lives of individuals by the manner of their living.

Source: The Adventurous Future, "And How Shall the Brethren Be Recognized?"