Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tobias Timothy Myers

Tobias Timothy (T.T.) Myers was born March 29, 1865, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He moved with his parents in 1876 to Illinois. He attended Mt. Morris Academy and taught in public schools. He was elected a minister by the Milledgeville congregation in 1886.

With the assistance of his brother, he was called in April 1891 to become one of the first salaried pastors in the denomination, and is thought to have been the first full-time salaried pastor at the Philadelphia First Church of the Brethren where he served until 1907. His service as pastor there was interrupted several times: for 6 months travel in Europe and Palestine; a 2-year study leave; and one year of pastoral service at Germantown.

In 1907, T.T. Myers became professor of New Testament at Juniata College. He traveled widely and wrote Sunday School lessons for the Brethren Quarterly from 1906-1920. He had given special attention to Sunday Schools during his pastoral service in Philadelphia to confront problems of the urban church.

Source: The Brethren Encyclopedia