Monday, April 14, 2008

Martin Grove Brumbaugh - part one

Martin Grove Brumbaugh, educator, author, historian, and governor of Pennsylvania was born on this date, April 14, in 1862 in Huntington County, Pennsylvania.

He attend the Brethren's Normal (Juniata) College and taught in the Normal department while completing a three-year program in the Scientific Department. He was elected at the age of 22 to a six-year term as superintendent of Huntington County schools. He was the first Brethren holder of a PhD degree and was awarded seven honorary degrees. He served from 1895-1906 as President of Juniata College.

In 1900, President McKinley appointed him the first commissioner of education for Puerto Rico where he organized the educational system. He later served as a member of a citizen's committee to reform Philadelphia schools and was appointed in 1906 as superintendent of Philadelphia schools.

On the basis of his reputation as an effective educator and out of a desire to serve the people of the state, he declared his candidacy for governor in 1914 and was elected by a large margin. When he was inaugerated in January 1915, he did not take the oath of office; rather, he affirmed his dedication to perform his duties. In 1916 he received 29 votes as a favorite son candidate for US President at the Republican convention.

He joined the Church of the Brethren in 1879 and was elected a minister in 1891.

M.G. Brumbaugh was a noted author including A History of the German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America (1899).

Source: The Brethren Encyclopedia