Friday, April 18, 2008

Elder George D. Zollers

The death of Brother George Zollers occurred on the afternoon of April 18, 1911. He had gone to the roof of his home to repair the chimney. When through with that he proceeded to repair a few places on the roof, and in some manner slipped and fell, striking his head on the pavement. Sister Zollers who happened to be at the back door at the time, saw her husband fall and was the first one to reach him. He lived only thirteen minutes after the accident.

Brother Zollers had some remarkable experiences. Born in Pennsylvania in 1841, he entered upon a whaling expedition at the age of 22 that kept him on the ocean for three years. He doubled Cape Horn twice, crossed the equator six times, and entered the Artic Ocean twice.

Upon returning from this expedition he lived for a while in Pennsylvania where he joined the Brethren before moving to Illinois in 1867 where he was called to the ministry by the Hickory Grove congregation in 1869. By occupation he was a plasterer following his trade during the summer and giving attention to evangelistic work during the winter months.

About 1900 Brother Zollers left Northern Illinois and located in South Bend, Indiana, where he resided at the time of his death. The last years of his life he had laid aside his trowel and gave his time to the work of ministry, proving to be a most successful minister.

He was the author of two interesting books, one entitled "Thrilling Incidents on Sea and Land," and the other, "Poetic Musings on Sea and Land." He was said to be one of the most lovable and spiritual preachers of his time.

Source: History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana, 1952