Sunday, April 06, 2008

District Meeting - April 6, 1863

As congregations developed throughout the State of Indiana, gradually there grew up a natural division of the State, because of geographical convenience, into a northern and a southern part. In 1863 two meetings were held, much resembling our modern District Meetings.

The 1863 District Meeting in Northern Indiana was held near Goshen on April 6.

Historical records show that six Queries were dealt with at that meeting:

Query 1. About the difference between the ancient order of holding love feasts and the 43rd query of last Annual Meeting. Considered to abide by our established order till farther light is given, and for this purpose the matter is referred to next yearly meeting for reconsideration and bringing about a union in this and other matters of difference.

Query 2. About the avoidance. That brethren should engage seriously in examining the matter in order to come to a union in practice as soon as possible.

Query 3. About the kiss between the supper and the breaking of the bread. Agreed to continue in this practice as before.

Query 4. About attending political and war meetings and voting at political elections. Considered not to have anything to do with politics at all, much less with war efforts.

Query 5. About a lamb to be used at the Lord's Supper. United in leaving it as heretofore decided at the yearly meetings. (Note: no mention of what that was.)

Query 6. How shall we deal with members who will not come under the order of the Brethren with regard to dress, especially ministers wearing fashionable coats and sisters wearing hoops? United in the conclusion of yearly meeting of 1861.

And that's the way it was April 6, 1863.

Source: History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana, 1952