Sunday, March 23, 2008

Statement of Faith and Benediction

From the writings of Alexander Mack, Sr. comes this Exhortation, Statement of Faith and Benediction of Alexander Mack, Sr., at the close of his conversation of father and son. It is taken fromLawrence W. Shultz book: Schwartenau: Yesterday and Today.

Thou wilt find nothing of any other holiness at all in the Old and New Testament, than in doing the will of God. This has always been, and it will always be the salvation of the soul.

This then is the way of salvation for every soul, namely, to do and act agreeably to the will of God. But to refuse doing so, and to oppose him in his will, and disregarding him one thinks and says, 'This and that I do not find necessary for me, though God has commanded it'; such a soul is an enemy of God....

Hence, in conclusion I will advise thee to look only unto Jesus, our Redeemer and Savior. And when thou has learnt from Him His doctrine, as literally commanded in the (New) Testament, then try to continue steadfast therein, and to resolve firmly within thyself, much rather to lose thy liberty, property, the friendship and all that thou hast in this world, and even thy life, than to fall away from the doctrine of Jesus. Thou must accustom thyself to take up thy cross daily, denying thine own will, or else thou canst not be a disciple of the Lord Jesus, much less be an heir of his kingdom.

Now, may the Lord Jesus bless thy soul, increase thy faith, and let this simple exhortation grow in thee, and bear fruit, which remaineth unto eternal life, and then we will praise and glorify our God in unison for evermore. Amen