Sunday, March 09, 2008

Martin Weybright

Martin Webright moved to Elkhart County, Indiana from Montgomery County, Ohio in 1829 where he had also been a pioneer. Along with Jacob Studebaker and Daniel Cripe, Weybright became one of the Brethren patriarchs in the area. Newspaper reports referred to him as the first Protestant minister in Elkhart County. The following account was included in Durnbaugh's book, Fruit of the Vine:

In 1829, Mr. Weybright sold his farm in Ohio and came to Elkhart County, making the journey with a yoke of oxen and a three-horse team, and being on the way seventeen days. In the spring of that year they first settled on the land ... and put out a crop of seed corn. Two weeks later he moved to the farm ... on the southwest side of the prairie.

The first night the family slept under the spreading branches of a huge oak tree and the next the neighbors met together to assist Mr. Weybright to build a log cabin. This was erected and places cut out for the door and window; mother earth was the floor to the cabin and continued as such until the fall. The bedstead Mr. Weybright made by driving stakes in the ground in one side of the cabin and covering them with poles and split clapboards. On this was then spread blankets and comforts until it was made very comfortable, and in this huge bed the entire family slept until better arrangements could be made.

Source: Fruit of the Vine, Durnbaugh