Monday, March 10, 2008

Marriage of Sarah Righter and Thomas Major

On this date, March 10, 1842 (a Thursday), Sarah Righter (age 33) and Thomas Major (age 30) were married in a service performed by Elder Peter Keyser in Philadelphia where Thomas had been called to the ministry the preceding year and where Sarah was also a member with a gift for preaching.

Following their marriage they moved to Ohio in 1843, eventually settling on a farm in Highland County and joining the Fall Creek congregation in 1847 where Thomas became the presiding elder. The couple had five children, three of whom survived infancy.

The Majors held many preaching missions in Ohio and Indiana, speaking at homes, churches and prisons. Thomas would usually open the service, then invite Sarah to preach. If the congregation asked that she not preach, she would often lead in prayer. Those who heard her preach, remember her as an able, inspirational preacher.