Friday, March 21, 2008

Abraham Duboy

Abraham Duboy was a Brethren preacher in both Germany and America. In 1715 he fled to Schwarenau to escape persecution and became an assistant to Alexander Mack. He had intended to travel with Mack to America in 1729 but for some unknown reason his journey was delayed until 1732.

In 1738 he was called to the Great Swamp congregation where he served as a faithful preacher until his death in 1748. He never married and was known as an earnest, zealous and modest man. He is reported to have had a number of remarkable visions. The strangest was a vision about his own death.

One morning when he arose he informed the family with whom he lived that the time for his departure had come. He dressed himself in a shroud which he had prepared for the occasion, and asked the family to join with him in singing a hymn. After the singing he delivered a fervent prayer and, reclining on a couch, he quietly breathed his last on this date, March 21, 1748.

Source: A History of the German Baptist Brethren, M.G. Brumbaugh