Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mary Brumbaugh

When the early Brethren settled on the frontier of a New Land, life was difficult. Many of the stories that have been passed on to us record the struggles of life from the perspective of the male/husband/father in the family. One of my favorite books of "Brethren" stories includes some stories that are not often told: She Hath Done What She Could by Pamela Brubaker.

The following brief account of Mary Brumbaugh in Morrison's Cove, Pennsylvania is one example.

It seems that while going for the cows one evening, Mary became lost in the woods. Wolves approached as night fell. Mary climbed a tree to escape them and spent the night there. The next morning she found her way home to her family, which included a nursing baby.

It seems that Mary represents countless numbers of women in the early days of the church who were partners with their husbands and families in building homes on the new frontier. They faced daily challenges while providing a home and raising a family.

May we always remember to give thanks for the sisters among the Brethren.