Monday, January 14, 2008

Coquille Valley, Oregon

In 1872 three Brethren families moved from Iowa to the Coquille Valley in Oregon. The church they established in the Valley immediately began to reach out for new members and by 1894 had twelve preaching points. The Barklow family was one of the pioneer families and this letter was sent by the Barklows to the Christian Family Companion January 14, 1873.

After twelve days' travel, we arrived within twenty miles of the place where we wished to settle, and the way would not admit a wagon any farther ... There we remained for three days, while we prepared one-horse sleds, suitable to pass on a trail, by which we conveyed our goods through a dense forest of fir and cedar, over a small mountain, cutting our way through, and bridging logs by throwing smaller logs against them, so that a beast could pass over. In this way we worked through to the Coquelle River, the distance of eight miles .... After being here a short time, we notified the people that there would be preaching in the grove a short distance from our houses, on the coming Sabbath, where there assembled a good and attentive congregation .... We think, the Lord willing, churches will spring up in Oregon.

Source: Preaching in a Tavern, Kenneth I. Morse