Friday, January 18, 2008

Alexander Mack - Anna Margaret Kling Marriage

On January 18, 1701, Alexander Mack, age 21, and Anna Margaret Kling, age 20, were married in the village church by Pastor Louis Agricola.

William Willoughby in his book, The Life of Alexander Mack: Counting the Cost, suggests that their wedding may have been the social event of the year, for it united two of the most prestigious families of Schriesheim. Anna Margaret's grandfather had been a mayor of Heidelberg. Her father, John Valentine Kling, was a member of the Schriesheim town council and an elder in the church (Reformed Church). The Mack family owned and operated the village mill and vineyards and were also active in the Reformed Church of Schriesheim. Alexander's father also served as a member of the town council and as an elder in the church.

One wonders if the marriage had been in more recent years, what a wedding invitation might have look like:

The parents of
Anna Margaret Kling
Alexander Mack
invite you to a celebration of marriage
to be held
January 18, 1701
in the Reformed Church of Schriesheim
Pastor Louis Agricola

A Reception will follow.

Congratulations to Alexander and Anna Margaret today, January 18, 2008 on what would be the 307th Anniversary of your marriage.