Saturday, December 15, 2007

John Wesley

John Wesley was an early leader in the Methodist movement in the 1700s. It is said of Wesley that he taught and practiced three life-changing rules:
  • first, do no harm;
  • second, do all the good you can; and
  • three, stay in love with God.

As we journey the Yellow Brick Road of Life, those are three important rules of life to remember. On our Journey we are sure to meet up with persons who are different than we are and who hold beliefs, values, and practices that differ from our own. If we can accept them as brothers and sisters and do them no harm, we will have a better chance of finding some common values and understandings.

Likewise, on the journey through life we will find persons who are down on their luck and need a helping hand. What they need from us may not seem like much: a kind word, encouragement, a little of our time, or even some financial support. It may be a motorist whose car has broken down and we can offer some assistance or it may be a person in need of a job and we can assist them in making a good contact. What are the good things you can do on your journey?

Finally, I encourage you to open yourself to know God. We all come to find and understand God in different ways, and your experience is likely to be different than mine. But God loves you and the sooner you come to understand and accept that simple truth, the easier your journey will be. So open yourself to God. Allow the love of God to become a part of your life. And, as you in return come to love the God who loves you, keep that love alive. Speak with God (prayer) daily. Worship God weekly. Live for God always. Stay in love with God as you make your journey through life.

Three simple rules to live by: do no harm, do all the good you can, and stay in love with God.

Thank you, John Wesley, for sharing your rules for the journey.